Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems are not as popular as solar thermal systems but they are an effective green energy option widely used in the USA and Canada these days. These ground source heat pumps tap into the free solar energy just like their solar counterparts, but indirectly by drawing what has already been absorbed in the earth’s surface over time. The performance of the geothermal systems will never be a problem as they are powered by underground temperatures which keep stable and don’t fall drastically even in the colder climate conditions as temperatures above the ground often do.

Geothermal systems function as a 2-way air conditioner, serving your heating and cooling needs in a single system. The smart design of these systems allows them to pull heat from the earth through a series of interconnected pipes underground filled with a heat transfer fluid (an antifreeze solution) in the winter directing it to the house. However, they work opposite in the summer to collect heat from the house and send it back to the earth surface. Hence, the geothermal systems are far more energy efficient than conventional heating and cooling systems. They use much less energy than what they remove or supply. It results in a 4-5 times higher Coefficient of Performance (COP). Each ground source heat pump has an energy rating defining this factor. Modern day geothermal heat pumps are seen to be operating at 4 times more efficiency. So the biggest benefit of using them is that for every 1 Kw of energy you spent to run the compressor, you get 4 Kw of Free Energy from the geothermal systems. With a Coefficient of Performance of 4, you can enjoy as much as 66% cut down on heating and cooling cost. Similarly, a COP of 5 will bring you 75% savings on heating and cooling bills.

There are four basic options available in geothermal systems. Your choice depends on the local topography and water or ground available nearby. Both the horizontal ground loop and the well loop are the simplest ones to install at any time. Water loops can be opted only when there is a lake nearby to support the geothermal system. 

Let’s know about the best reasons to consider installing a geothermal system in your home or office:

Geothermal Systems

1.    Reduced operating costs: A geothermal system shows -5 times higher Coefficient of Performance (COP) cutting down the energy bills by 66-75 % when compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.

2.    No harmful effect on the environment: Geothermal system produces free green energy which is renewable and eco-friendly.

3.    Lower repair and maintenance costs: By ruling out the higher temperature discrepancy, geothermal parts are less likely to undergo more stress and pressure, lowering the necessity of repair and maintenance annually.

4.    Long Life span: A geothermal system can last as much as 30 years with periodic checks and filter changes.

5.    Heating and cooling elements: Geothermal system serves both heating and cooling needs in a single system.

6.    Optimal comfort: It is possible to zone geothermal systems for optimal comfort inside home or office.

7.    Flexible design features: Geothermal systems have flexible design so that they can be easily and economically retrofitted or extended to suit building renovations, additions, new structure etc.   

8.    Higher energy efficiency: A geothermal heat pump is capable to transfer more than 4 units of heat energy for every 1 unit of energy consumed to run the system.

9.    No safety issue: There is no use of fossil fuels. So, combustion related risks such as flames, gas leakage, odors or carbon monoxide poisoning are not there.

10. Not so noisy: System keeps as quite as your freezer while operating. There is no noisy outdoor unit to irritate your neighbors.

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