How Do You Buy the Best Inverter for Solar PV Systems

Do you want to ensure your solar panel operating efficiently and no interruptions? Probably, you should consider either microinverters or power optimizers. SolarEdge is the premier power optimizer in the United States, whereas Enphase leads for microinverters.

Making a decision of which inverter to choose for solar PV systems can be difficult. The product warranties make a great difference. Are you standing on a fence of choosing between SolarEdge and Enphase? Let us help you out:

SolarEdge vs. Enphase –

Both Enphase and SolarEdge come with a strong 25-year warranty. Enphase doesn’t cover labor costs if you want to replace the products under the warranty. The warranty for their monitoring system is much lower than SolarEdge.

SolarEdge can offer you the option for an extended warranty for their inverters. When you buy SolarEdge power optimizer, the extended warranty may be worthwhile. It’s due to the reason that string inverters don’t last long like the power optimizers or microinverters.

SolarEdge Warranty –

  • Power optimizers – 25 years
  • String inverters, modem, and meter – 12 years
  • StorEdge interface for battery backup – 10 years
  • Other wireless communication products – 5 years

How Do You Activate and Use SolarEdge Warranty?

Do you find any defects in your SolarEdge power optimizer or other products? And want to activate your warranty? If yes, you should share the serial number of the product, a copy of the purchase receipt, or warranty certificate, and the description of the problem.

Once the verification is done, your product is eligible for the repair under the warranty. The company will repair the product at your property or at their own facility, give you a credit towards a new product, or give you a replacement product.

Please keep in mind that, SolarEdge covers the overall cost of shipping products for repair, labor, and material costs. If you want them to send someone to repair your product on-site, you may have to pay travel and boarding expenses.

Enphase Warranty –

  • Microinverters – 25 years
  • Envoy monitoring system – 2 years
  • IQ envoy monitoring system and other devices – 5 years
  • Batteries (AC & IQ) – 10 years or 7,300 cycles

How Do You Activate and Use Your Enphase Warranty?

After finding a defect in your Enphase product, you should activate your warranty. The company will repair, replace, or give you a refund for your product. The warranty covers the cost of new equipment and shipping products for repair. However, unlike SolarEdge, you have to bear labor costs.

Comparing Solar Edge and Enphase Inverters for Solar PV Systems –

Want to compare between Enphase microinverter and SolarEdge power optimizer? Need a good option for your solar PV systems? Remember, your decision solely depends on your priorities.

If you’re still considering both options, request a free quote on Enphase and SolarEdge for solar PV systems at 123 Zero Energy today! Compare both the microinverter and power optimizer thoroughly and make the right choice for your solar PV systems.