Solar on Grid & Grid Tie Systems Help you Stay Energized even when the Grid is Down

Are you looking to install a solar PV system in your residence and feeling confused whether to choose a solar grid-tie or solar on-grid system?

As you plan to invest in solar PV systems, you are likely to come across different terms that you are not familiar with and feel confused about them. Frankly, you are never alone in this race. The same happens to others who are all set to use solar power in their homes or offices.  

Dreaming of using the solar energy and minimizing the fat utility bill requires you to decide on a few crucial things. One of them is whether to keep without or with power from the grid? Since there are lots of advantages to installing solar on grid systems, you will have to make a choice from the battery less grid-tie systems or battery based grid-tie systems.

What are the Solar on Grid Systems?

On Grid Solar PV Systems are also referred to as ‘grid-direct systems’, ‘solar grid tie systems’ or ‘grid connect systems’. These are ready to install kits that will be connected to the grid or energy power supply in order to continue with the supply even when the solar system fails to produce adequate energy for your home. It means that grid power will be available for use at the time when your solar panels don’t generate the exact amount of electricity you need, i.e. at night or in cloudy and frosty conditions. As a result, the pressure on a solar grid tie system will be minimal. If ever it ends up generating more power than required, it will divert it to the grid for future use.

In the absence of sunshine, solar PV panels cannot perform at peak levels; still, you can conveniently get electricity from the solar on grid systems to meet your needs. You can also join a net metering program which will enable you to receive rewards from your electricity supplier for sending excess energy to the grid in your area.

Just stay refreshed, energized even when the grid is down and protect yourself from power outages. Know your solar on-grid system.

Key Components of Solar on-grid Systems:

  • Solar PV panels of different size
  • An inverter to mobilize and control the conversion of Solar
  • Electrical safety  and protection items like cable with termination cap
  • A system for optional monitoring production and transfer of energy

Key Advantages of Solar on-grid Systems:

  • Its available in marketplace with Long warranty offers
  • The system pays off investment over time
  • Financing schemes to encourage installation
  • Reduced pollution
  • An experience of on-grid living

If you choose for a solar grid-tie system, you can have continuous power supply except in case of grid failure when it will stop functioning immediately. However, the energy supplier’s crew will fix the issues without the risk of the electrocution following the power flowing through the solar on a grid system.

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