Getting Started with the Best Solar Grid Tie Systems

Solar on grid systems generate energy from the sun and stores energy in the utility grid, allowing you to use it anytime you require. If you access to the utility grid and your main focus is getting the best value from your investment, solar grid tie systems are the perfect ways to go.

The solar on grid systems have the lowest upfront cost as you don’t need to buy batteries to store the power you generate. However, the grid can handle the storage needs.

You can able to generate more amount of electricity than you require powering your home during peak hour. In most countries, you can sell the excess amount of power to the utility company that stretches the overall value of your investment further.

Solar on Grid Systems

Getting the Best Solar On Grid Systems

Enphase Gateway

The Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway offers network access to the solar array ensuring comprehensive monitoring and managing an Enphase system. The solar experts and solar system owners can check the status of their Enphase System through the Envoy’s LCD display. Even, you can get more detailed performance data through Enlighten Software, available with the purchase of Envoy.

The Enphase Envoy comes in the market with commercial-ready right out of box – which can be able to connect to 600 micro-inverters. It now offers additional flexibility while connecting to a router with the supported Wi-Fi networking.

Solar on Grid Systems

SolarEdge On Grid Solar PV System

On Grid Solar PV System comes along with SolarEdge String Inverters and solar panel optimizers. This system features all the components you’ll require in order to install your solar PV system quickly. Rest assured that, the solar on grid system can be available with free line drawings for the convenience of your electrician and utility company to take advantage of net metering.

Solar Grid Tie

The SolarEdge On Grid Solar PV systems include SolarEdge 11160 Watt On Grid Solar PV System, 2080 Watt On Grid Solar PV Package – SolarEdge, 1040 Watt On Grid Solar PV Package – SolarEdge, 3720 Watt On Grid Solar PV Package – SolarEdge, 4960 Watt On Grid Solar PV Package – SolarEdge, 6200 Watt On Grid Solar PV Package – SolarEdge, etc.

Final Thought –

Do you draw power from the utility grid system? If so, investing in solar grid tied system makes sense. It will save you money when you switch to solar.

No matter whatever type of solar grid tie systems you want to buy, 123 Zero Energy has an extensive selection of Enphase and SolarEdge on grid systems to choose from. For more information about our solar on grid systems, please  go with us .