8 Factors to Consider for Purchasing the Right Solar PV System

Purchasing a solar PV system for your home can be a profitable deal due to great savings on energy cost, but you should not get carried away by their advertisements. Be sure not to forget the key aspects of your solar photovoltaic system purchase as it demands for a huge investment initially which is quickly paid off through energy savings made over the time of its usage. Below are considered some essential factors which you should consider for purchasing the right solar PV system.


See it working and know the issue-


Ask your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors who have already installed solar PV systems in their homes; they will guide you with their own experiences and probably warn you about certain issues that have been facing all these years - the ones that you certainly like not to get caught with. Ask each of them about possible issues in their solar PV systems and their brand names (local/international).


Manufacturer’s warranty offer-


Be aware of what guarantees and warranties the solar PV system manufacturer offers. If the solar system manufacturer has a good reputation and the warranty offered on the panels is valid for 25 years you can expect the solar PV system to last for a time long enough to pay back your investment and make you earn a profit. However, to enjoy the warranty offered on the product, the manufacturer should be operative in the market; so keep away from the brands without a solid presence in your area.


Reasonable price goal-


If you are asked to pay considerably less than what other same size solar PV systems cost, you may receive low quality components and poorly done installation work. Quality components and installation can’t be very cheap and, just like other product purchases you make in your lifetime; you are likely to get what you pay for. Though highly established companies are able to offer you systems at good savings based on an increased number of their product purchases, other companies are seen cutting costs by compromising things like quality and performance.


CSA and UL certifications of Solar Panels-


It is applicable to your solar panel purchases, because you will get the confirmation that your panels have the best energy yield capacity that would bring you great investment in the industry.


Decide on the right kind of solar panels-


There is a wide variety of solar panels like on-grid panels, off-grid panels, hybrid solar panels and standard solar panels. Whether you are interested in expandable solar PV systems or Tier 1 manufactured panels to meet your energy needs at home, you can always find the best quality products available in the market for use.


Solar panel racking-


Solar panel racking is a crucial part of your solar PV system installation which can increase the energy production by 20%. Be sure that the ground, roof mounting or racking system is strong enough to keep the system secure and survive the snowfall as well as the wind in your area.


Solar inverter effectiveness-


Check for the effectiveness of the inverter used in the solar PV system. Evidently, the more advanced is the inverter technology (Enphased Inverter) the better will be the reliability, energy production and system performance.


Get multiple quotes-


You are recommended to ask for more than one quotes before making any solar system purchase as the price may tend to vary a lot between different providers; but never and ever settle for the lowest priced system which might have low grade components in it which may end up costing you further in the long run in terms of breakdown and maintenance etc.


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