What are the Key Benefits of Solar on Grid Systems?

Are you looking to cut the electric cord and get rid of the growing utility bill? Probably, you should try solar Grid Tie solutions. Solar systems has tremendous energy benefits but off-grid or stand alone systems are more complex and expensive and need to be maintained more than batteryless Grid Tie solar systems. And you can experience significant benefits by using solar on grid systems. Before you struggle to choose between off-grid or on-grid systems, let’s have a quick overview of the on grid systems and their key benefits.

Solar System Types

There are two different kinds of renewable energy systems (RE systems) which may be more in number in nearby future.

Off-grid solar systems (Standalone systems)- These are independent units which have nothing to do with the electical grid. Unlike direct-use thermal systems such as solar PV-powered ventilation or cooling system or solar water pumping system, solar off-grid systems require batteries to store and supply energy during the times of high demand or low grid supply.

On-grid solar systems – Solar Grid Tie systems are the most popularly used solar Photovoltaic systems that are either mounted on the roof or integrated with building’s existing solar panels to collect free solar energy and transform it into utilizable electricity. Solar on grid systems usually remain connected to the operational grid, and allow homeowners to use thermal energy and electricity coming from the grid. These  systems do not have to produce all of the electricity required for managing a business or home.  When a solar system gets integrated with a grid-connected building, it can provide a significant portion of the electricity required to run it daily.  It generates electricity during the daytime and reduces the amount of energy being drained from the electrical grid. Any surplus power is transferred back to the utility grid to be ultimately get used by others in the same community, earning Power Credit for the owner.

With solar on grid system, the utility grid serves like a large, 100% effective battery that would take in all the extra energy. Additionally, users can depend on this system as much as they need to access to solar electricity and as soon as they want. If you are unable to install a large solar PV to meet all your energy needs, you can use in whatever size you can pay for. In case of off grid systems, you don’t have this flexibility and will have to install in full size, otherwise you may end up using more fossil fuels.

With battery less solar Grid Tie systems, you can enjoy the process of electricity generation but without any option for backup. Since, they don’t have batteries, they will shut down immediately after the grid goes down.   You can definitely choose them to improve your life and reduce some of your energy usage daily, but will have a better experience with battery based solar on-grid systems. Because they have backup capability to give you the experience of the best energy usage. Using them you will be able to use some thermal energy during power outages, and sell the remaining energy to other community members through the grid.

Key Benefits of solar on-grid systems

  • Silent, Unpolluting & Reusable
  • Easy to install and expand
  • High reliability with minimum maintenance
  • Good Energy and Cost saving
  • Around 50% savings on fossil fuel

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